"We bring the dance to you."

Established 2019

What We Do

We strive to help people of all backgrounds to express themselves through all types of dance and movement, providing an inclusive and friendly atmosphere to flourish.

Our Activities

We have a wide selection of engaging activities to try, there is something for everyone here at LET’S DANCE. 

Who we work with

We help support people irrespective of ability and financial circumstances, embracing all religions, races or cultural backgrounds. From all ages 5-21

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A Few Things We Are Great At

Encouraging our young people to be active but also in ensuring that dance and physical activity remains a high priority in schools and colleges.


A major focus of Let’s Dance is to offer the chance for participants to improve their mental, emotional and physical health. Physical Education and other services that Let’s Dance provides help participants work towards each of these aspects of their personal development.

Parent/Guardian engagement

Parental participation and supporting the school with costumes, dance clubs and volunteering.


“We believe dance is a great tool to help young people develop their. In our workshops, we use dance as a vehicle to discuss nutrition and mental and physical wellbeing. In our live shows, schools can theme their individual piece to tie in with their curriculum projects, to encourage a more holistic learning strategy”


Opportunities for young leadership and volunteers from local business, as well as development opportunities for young professionals including mentoring and coaching.

About Us

LET’S DANCE is a non profit charity with the aim of promoting dance and physical activity for young people nationally. We work alongside State Schools, FE Colleges and Universities to offer dance classes and performance opportunities for those with little or no experience.

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